About Us

About Us

TomoWave Laboratories is a research and development company with broad experience and expertise in the development of innovative technologies for optoacoustic tomography (OAT), imaging, sensing and monitoring in biomedical applications. We consist of a strong team of inspired individuals who are on a mission to produce innovative biomedical solutions. With recent developments and recognition, TomoWave Laboratories introduced its subsidiary, TomoWave Systems, consisting of a strong team of engineers and sales experts to bring our innovations to you!

Our Story

In 1880, Alexander G. Bell heard “a pure musical tune” in a a closed gas volume that has absorbed a modulated sunlight beam. However, it was decades later that the physicists had employed this discovery in medical applications. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the photoacoustic/optoacoustic effecthad become a sensitive technology for detection of malignant tumors. Int he beginning of the 20th century, when the first highly sensitive microphones were first designed, spectroscopy experts began to utilize the photoacoustic effect for the characterize of molecular content in gas mixtures. In 1964, shortly after the discovery of lasers, intense pulses of light were employed to enhance dramatically the effectiveness of photoacoustic generation.

Since then, a number of applications in nondestructive evaluation and spectroscopic characterization of solid and liquid materials have been found for the photoacoustic effect.  In early 1980-s Alan Rosencwaig, Theodore Bowen, Myron Wolbarsht and other researchers independently proposed the use of laser photoacoustic effect for various medical diagnostic procedures.  However, only the 1990s brought about technological breakthroughs that allowed our TomoWave Labs founder, Dr. Alexander Oraevsky, to initiate work on designing a novel technology for biomedical visualization combining the advantages of optical and acoustic imaging. Immediately, several groups followed this direction.  In the beginning of the 21st century the necessary critical mass of resources (human and financial) has been achieved and optoacoustic imaging (also called photoacoustic imaging) has become one of the fastest growing technologies in the area of biomedical imaging.

In a short period of time, since the establishment of our company in 2011, TomoWave has come a long way in developing efficient OAT systems through optical and acoustic modifications. Our systems include Optoacoustic Imaging Systems for preclinical and clinical research purposes. Many of our components are fully customizable to your specifications and medical imaging needs. We are also able to provide certain system components such electronics, imaging modules as well as PTFE tubing for your research needs. Please contact us for further information regarding.

Our Motto

  • To contribute to human welfare through leading optoacoustic research and developing solutions that advance medicine and the biomedical sciences.
  • To pursue partnerships and collaborations within areas of medicine where optoacoustic technologies may best serve patient health.
  • To maintain a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative workplace where our employees receive great satisfaction in their work.
  • To produce novel and cost-effective imaging, sensing, and monitoring products based on the principles of optoacoustics.