MAESTRO-MD: Universal Premium High-End System dual-modality combining ultrasound and optoacoustics

Clinical Applications: diagnostics, image-guided therapy and surgery

  1. Premium high-end ultrasound system with all modes of operation including plane-wave ultrafast ultrasound with the power of optoacoustics at minimum additional cost.
  2. Detection and diagnostics of various cancers and lymph nodes.
  3. Image guided surgery: cancer, spine, vasculature, cosmetic, etc.
  4. Monitoring volumetric temperature in the course of minimally invasive thermal therapy of cancer.
  5. Assessment of blood oxygenation in various organs.
  6. Differentiation of arteries, veins and nerves.
  7. Molecular diagnostics of diseases in early stages: diabetic damage of microvasculature, liver disease, Chron disease, monitoring kinetics of contrast agents.

MAESTRO-HR: Universal Premium High-End System for preclinical research in animals and humans

Technical Specifications:

  1. Spatial resolution: from 0.3mm for deep tissue (up to 50 mm) imaging to 0.05mm for subsurface (up to 8 mm) imaging
  2. Temporal resolution from 20 fps (OAT) to 300 fps (plane wave USI)
  3. Contrast/Sensitivity to optical absorption: dma~0.03/cm.
  4. Spectral imaging from 660 nm to 2300 nm for detection of arteries, veins and nerves and molecular imaging of contrast agents.
  5. Monitoring temperature distribution with video rate and precision of better than 0.50C.
  6. High-end ultrasound functions of A,B,C,M modes, color and power Doppler, shear wave elastography, and dynamic microvasculature, plane wave cardiac imaging, vector blood flow imaging of ultrasound contrast agents.
  7. Functional imaging of [SO2] by optoacoustic tomography.

Maestro-HR ultrasonic and optoacoustic probes supported by a 256-channel data acquisition system

High Frequency Probes

TWHF-65 LINEAR &65-35 MHz Embryos, microvasculature, rat skin, zebrafish, mouse and rat eye anatomy
TWHF-42 LINEAR 42-18 MHz Mouse, rat cardiovascular abdomen, reproductive system, rabbit eyes
TWHF-22 LINEAR 22-14 MHz Rat, Rabbit cardiovascular, abdominal

Deep Tissue Imaging Probes


Rat, Rabbit cardiovascular, abdominal, mouse brain


Large animal abdomen, rat and rabbit cardiovascular


Large animal cardiovascular, abdominal, large vasculature

Computer-controlled Probe holder for Maestro

Animal platform with
physiological monitoring
under adjustable platform
Simultaneously controls
EKG, body temperature,
and respiratory rhythm of
experimental animals in
real time.

3D position adjustment,
High-strength alloy frame,
Platforms for mouse and rat

Example: high-resolution ultrasound images: anatomy and vasculature

Cancer: accumulation of targeted agent

Mouse: spine vertebra

Mouse: kidney Doppler

Kidney: high-resolution processing

Mouse: scapular fat

Pig Artery: Vector Doppler Flow

Universal Design of Maestro for System Control

Maestro serves as an Engine (data acquisition) of other modular systems

preclinical research
End Users:
End Users: University Labs, Pharma Companies, CROs

Maestro serves as Electronics engine for ARIA

universal clinical handheld system
End Users:
Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Surgery Centers, Specialist practices

Maestro serves as Electronics Engine for Symphony

breast cancer care
End Users:
Breast Imaging Centers, Radiology Clinics, Hospitals