MAESTRO: Universal Premium High-End System combined optoacoustic molecular and ultrasound anatomical imaging enabling preclinical and clinical research

Applications of ultrasound imaging enhanced by functional and molecular optoacoustic imaging:

  1. Premium high-end ultrasound system with all modes of operation including plane-wave ultrafast ultrasound with the power of optoacoustics at no additional cost
  2. Detection and diagnostics of various cancers
  3. Assessment of lymph nodes
  4. Image guided surgery: cancer, spine, vasculature, cosmetic, etc.
  5. Monitoring 3D temperature in the course of minimally invasive thermal therapy of cancer
  6. Assessment of blood oxygenation in placenta
  7. Differentiation of arteries, veins and nerves
  8. Diagnostics of diseases in early stages: diabetic damage of microvasculature, liver disease, Chron disease, monitoring kinetics of contrast agents

Microbubble tracking in a rodent brain

High-resolution Kidney

High-resolution Liver

Maestro provides 256 physical channels for parallel ultrasonic transmission and data receive modes, which can be expanded to 512 and 1024 channels.

Bandwidth: 0.15M-27MHz ultrawide frequency range. Software Beamformer supports multiple transmit and receive modes. Ultra-sensitive ultrasonic transducers. Probe combination covers the entire ultrawide range of system sensitivity, 1D and 2D arrays are supported.

Maestro covers all functions of high-end ultrasound, with variety of functional modules.: B mode, M mode, C mode, color Doppler, power Doppler, contrast imaging. Plane wave cardiac imaging, vector blood flow imaging. Plane wave ultra-high frame rate blood flow and contrast agent imaging. Shear wave elastography mode.