Our management team comprises of a group of skilled managerial workforce. TomoWave’s management team is responsible for various tasks such as product development, business strategy and various other day to day operations.

Alexander A Oraevsky, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Alexander A. Oraevsky has 25+ years of experience managing research and development laboratories in academia and small businesses. Alexander obtained a doctorate in laser spectroscopy and laser biophysics from the USSR Academy of Sciences. He began his pioneering research in the field of optoacoustic imaging, sensing and monitoring in 1988 and presently referred as the Father of biomedical optoacoustic imaging. Prior to foundation of TomoWave Laboratories in 2010, he served as Chief Scientific Officer and Board Member of Seno Medical Instruments (San Antonio, Texas), Vice-President of Research and Development for Fairway Medical Technologies (Houston, Texas). In his academic career he held Professor and other honorary faculty positions at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Rice University (Houston, Texas), the University Carlos III of Madrid, Guangzhou Medical University and the University of Houston. Dr. Oraevsky is the recipient of multiple research awards advancing biomedical applications of the optoacoustic imaging sensing and monitoring, including international Berthold Leibinger Innovations Prize 2014. Alexander is the primary inventor of 21 patents. In 1999 he founded a conference dedicated to biomedical optoacoustics under auspices of SPIE Photonics West Symposium, presently titled “Photons plus Ultrasound: Imaging ad Sensing. This conference enabled rapid global spread and exponential growth of the optoacoustic imaging technologies.

Alexander C. Wallstein, MEE, MBA

Alexander C. Wallstein, MEE, MBA

Acting Chief Operating Officer

Aleksey N. Krylov, CFA,

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Aleksey is an experienced finance, business development and operating executive with a background in venture capital raising, M&A and corporate development. Prior to his transition to CFO role, he served as an Interim Chief Financial Officer of DIH International, Ltd., a Swiss-Chinese medical equipment manufacturer with $80m in sales and 400 employees globally Aleksey led the reverse merger of private SELLAS Life Sciences into a publicly listed target. He also consulted with CHR Capital as an investment analyst with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, private equity investment and restructuring transactions. Since about 2009, he also provided consulting services through FTERA Advisors to early-stage and small-cap companies in various industries including life sciences, medical technologies and healthcare IT.

Aleksey N. Krylov, CFA,

Jim Wu, MD, MBA

Director of Business Development

Mr. Wu has been involved in the investment, healthcare, and international trade industries for over 25 years. He has extensive experience in international trade import and export, procurement and outsourcing, international business development, expanding product markets, establishing distribution networks, and international business cultural consulting. He is the founder and CEO of the HealthTech investment company SaniMed Science Group. He is an outstanding alumnus and alumni advisor of the Peking University Health Science Center, and a member of the leadership committee of the Joint Institute for Translational and Clinical Research between Peking University Health Science Center and the University of Michigan Medical School. Mr. Wu has been selected as a core member of the ‘Health Tech’ founders at The Founder Institute, which spans over 200 cities worldwide and includes more than 6,800 alumni enterprises across six continents. He is also a member of the American physician entrepreneurship organization, InnovatorMD. Mr. Wu graduated from the Peking University Health Science Center in 1994 with a Bachelor of Medicine degree in clinical medicine, and in 2005 he graduated from the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston in the USA with a Master of Business Administration degree.