R&D Services Available 

TomoWave Laboratories a leading innovator in the area of optoacoustic imaging offer the following imaging research services to the small animal research laboratories at the academic universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies: Full body and brain three-dimensional optoacoustic imaging including anatomical imaging, functional imaging of the total hemoglobin distribution and blood oxygen saturation and molecular imaging of exogenous contrast agents (dyes and nanoparticles) for the following disease models:

–        Cancer in orthotopical models

–        Vascular diseases and angiography

–        Kidney and liver diseases

–        Neural disorders and neurophysiology

–        Drug / contrast agent biodistribution and pharmacokinetics

–        Spine injuries

–        Embryonic Development

–        Gene expression

System technical specifications:

–        Contrast / sensitivity to variation in optical absorption: 0.03 [1/cm]

–        Spatial resolution – 0.15 [mm]

–        Time of 3D scan (min) – 5 [sec]

–        Image volume (max)  – 30 x 30 x 30 mm


Imaging post-processing with custom segmentation and measurements, mathematical imaging processing (sum, difference, multiplication, division), 3D video output, 2D slices in XYZ coordinates.

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