LOIS Amp 32/62

Amplifiers 32-channel boards, SE input, ~ 62 dB gain or less upon request.
Power 3V, < 1A, external low noise power supply through SMA connectors.
TomoWave can provide amplifier compact power supplies with 12V, < 2A input from computer PSU.

BW is 180 kHz -6dB to 8 MHz -6 dB (300kHz to 6.5MHz -3 dB) with 50 pF capacitive probes and 10kOhm input impedance.

Minimum sensor capacitance is 50 pF for 180 kHz -6dB input high pass.
10kOhm is the maximal input impedance.

LF cutoff depends mostly on the probe capacitance and input impedance; can be as low as 100kHz -3dB with high probe capacitance.

HF cutoff can be adjusted a bit higher if needed, but 8 MHz -6 dB (6.5MHz -3 dB) is strongly preferred.

Amplifier input connectors are Hirose DF36-20S-0.4V(52), two per amplifier, channels 1-16 are used.

Hirose connectors are designed for microcoaxials with less than 0.4 mm OD.

Multichannel DAQ Board LOIS ADC

32 parallel channels per board
Expandable to 128 channels with 4 boards
BNC Coax Trigger input on rising slope (5 V TTL < 1 ms)
12 Bit ADC
Sampling Frequency 25 MS/s or 40 MS/s selectable
Up to 2048 Samples per acquisition and channel
Repetition rate up to 10 Hz
ADC output: 100 Mbit Ethernet
ADC input: DIN96 SMD ribbon footprints
Can be combined with LOISAMP 32/62 amplifier.