Imaging Modules

Imaging Modules

The imaging module is designed to produce three dimensional scans through 360 degree rotation of either an object of study (in preclinical research system) or the module itself (in the clinical breast imaging system)

The video rendering and the photograph below shows imaging modules designed for preclinical laser optoacoustic imaging system, LOIS-3D. It is optimized for rapid scanning without a probe alignment and provides easy placement and removal of an animal holder.

The imaging module may be customized for specific research projects. A flexible imaging module for optoacoustic and laser ultrasonic experiments can be made using a water tank. For example, such water tank can accommodate experiments on optoacoustic monitoring of therapeutic effects of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

The PSR-180UT rotary table for our system is provided by IntelLiDrives.

PSR-180UT rotary table