Microscopy / Endoscopy

TomoWave’s Optoacoustic microscope for preclinical applications is non-invasive and provides high-resolution imaging of blood vasculature in small animals. It is useful for studying models of various diseases. We expect to achieve imaging depth up to 1 cm with a resolution below 100 µm with our novel design. Applications of optoacoustic microscopy include:

a) Visualizing tumor growth and angiogenesis

b) Monitoring nanoparticle accumulation in tumors

c) Imaging brain vasculature and brain pathology (stroke, ischemia).

Optoacoustic Endoscopy

A miniaturized version of the proposed design will be translated into clinical endoscopic applications for early detection and staging of esophageal and colon cancers.

This figure shows a proposed design of the optoacoustic endoscope, which includes a rotating off-axis parabolic reflector and a broadband transducer array.

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